Discussion Papers

The 2022 World Assembly discussion documents are available as follows.

Grow our collective ability to influence

The GCE is a civil society movement founded by a diverse range of activist organizations defending...

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Diversify and grow our membership, network and reputation

After its foundation in 1999, the GCE movement has grown significantly, in particular through the...

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Stepping up our influence through advocacy and campaign

Scaling up GCE influence requires, on the one hand, a close alignment with the right to education...

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GCE Youth and Students' Engagement

Despite challenging contexts, when given the space to influence policy, young people demand accountability...

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How the movement can strengthen its representation and engagement in international bodies and fora

Advocacy is the GCE’s fundamental role to promote and defend the human right to education. It is...

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How can we strengthen the credibility and legitimacy of the GCE movement and strong national, regional, and global representation?

The GCE strategy 2023-2027 will be adopted by the 7th National Assembly as a call for “strategic...

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